What belt did you finish this season?

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3 years ago#1
I thought i had an extra day to get to brown belt for ffa but i guess i missed it. Also which Character did you use?
FFA-Red 80 w/ Ratchet
2v2-Brown w/ Ratchet
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3 years ago#2
2v2: Brown 50
Proud Big Daddy mainer (999). PSN: HexagonalZebra
3 years ago#3
2v2 240 black belt Big Daddy (but got reset from a 160 black belt)
FFA something brown belt Big Daddy (but got reset twice each time having a brown belt and when I was at 91 brown the game took -15 off me for 3 games I won so I gave up)
PSASBR: Big Daddy
PSN: Omnisignificance
3 years ago#4
Yeah it seemed to me that there would be another day. It said 2 days today so I thought they would reset sometime after friday.
FFA:66 BlackBelt/Jak
2v2: 2008 BlackBelt/Jak
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3 years ago#5
2v2: Black 106
XBL:Element H
3 years ago#6
Black belt both game types...

"Jak, you are the Greatest of Heroes" ~Precursor Leader
3 years ago#7
FFA: Brown belt (54 points I think?) with Parappa
2v2: Brown belt (62 points) with Sir Dan

I probably could've reached black belt for both if I tried, but honestly, the titles I actually wanted only needed a purple belt in a FFA title's case, and a brown belt for a 2v2 title I wanted.
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3 years ago#8
2v2 Black 102
Raiden/Evil Cole/Drake

FFA I forgot exactly; somewhere around 60 Black Belt
3 years ago#9
FFA: Red 40 Sweet Tooth.
2 vs 2 - I don't play.
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3 years ago#10
52 black FFA
360 black 2v2
PSN: Potatoman622
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  3. What belt did you finish this season?

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