Accidental puns!

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4 years ago#1
I was playing 2v2 Kill Limit as Spike. My partner was Sackboy. After we had gotten 4 kills, Sackboy fires his cake at Heihachi and I level 1 him. We win, and Spike is heard saying, "This is a piece of cake compared to Spectre!"

Yes. Yes it is.

Anyone else heard anything awesome like that?
4 years ago#2
In Franzea, Drake hit an aerial Toro into the water then hit him with his level 1.

Lets just the say that the "kitty got wet".
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4 years ago#3

*Hades interrupts Super*
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4 years ago#4
Sly: "Anyone up for some exercise?"
Cole: "Yup, right here man!"
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4 years ago#5
Accidentally press taunt button.
Opponent begins Super.
The stage cancels his move as Spike yells, "You'll never win!"
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4 years ago#6
Not a pun, but it was pretty funny. I had Kuma out with Captain Manthong, and I did his laugh right at the same time that weirdo on the San Fransisco stage laughed.
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