How much does your connection effect your game play?

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4 years ago#1
I have cable internet and it runs games fine. 3mb d/l and .6 upload normally. I have seen so many instances where if i do something it doesnt work but the next guy does the same thing and it works flawlessly. I have been playing since day one and have noticed this over and over again. I don't have bad reflexes and I will say he is going to do this and block or plan accordingly but it is like my buttons don't register fast enough? I do notice a single guy with a lag bar above his head from time to time but for the most part that game runs without people glitching around and whatnot. I am basically a purple belt player and i am just curious why it seems like i am on the crap end of the stick on most matches. Is my connection not fast enough to play this game past purple belt? Like i know offline some set ups don't even work because zero lag compared to when they do work online because there is lag. So i guess i am just wondering if I had a better connection would my block actually work when i know i hit it in time? I just see so many people use air block against my moves and when i do it well it just doesnt matter. Anyone else experience this? I admit I am just and average player but it is just getting old and seems highly unfair. Is this a connection problem?
4 years ago#2

Not that much.
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4 years ago#3
affect* sorry. What about having your controller plugged in opposed to wireless? Any difference in input lag there?
4 years ago#4
I get a "lost connection to host" message at the start of every other match

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4 years ago#5
I hit a Dante with Drake's Forward square earlier. He used his level one before I could even slide. Lag sucks.
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4 years ago#6
Not much at all really XD
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4 years ago#7
Are the people saying it doesn't affect it really have good connections by chance? I just see so many things that don't make sense.
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