Who should I main next?

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4 years ago#21
p1793a posted...
Kindertotenwald posted...
p1793a posted...
Kindertotenwald posted...

Awesome I think I may end up going jak as I like the series more than KZ and everyone who voted Radec hasn't said why :S

I said why...

But now I shall list more reasons.

Better AP gain, better range, better supers. Throw combo. Better taunts.

High level play.

AP gain is horrible.
Not really when his only longer range attack is F2.
They both have no practical HC into level 1, both have level 2s which have a hit confirm, although Radecs is better and can be thrown out raw. and yeah radecs lv 3 is miles better.
But that doesn't matter if he can't get meter to build.

Worse AP gain than Jak?

Oh....you must have heard "Nariko." I meant Radec. Sorry.
How is his AP gain worse? He has plenty of quick moves that give decent AP and a throw combo into 80 AP. Seems better than Jak's...

Why are you trying to be clever lol?

Yeah how does he get in and stay and build meter with all these amazing moves? he has no mobility and his best AP moves AFAIK are F2 U2 and F1, 3 and D3 are also good
He throw combo is good but everyone knows its radecs best gain, keeping him out and keeping away isn't hard to do at all.

Atleast Jak can get in and WC and follow up to jetboard or WC again and his blaster builds quickly aswell, he also has excellent mobility.
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4 years ago#22
squirrel_boy posted...
Jak. Because i wanna see one that doesnt just use the rifle over and over and overrrrrrrrrr

LES here.
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4 years ago#23
K you win. Jak is better than Radec.
4 years ago#24
squirrel_boy posted...
Jak. Because i wanna see one that doesnt just use the rifle over and over and overrrrrrrrrr

LES and Silver.
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4 years ago#25
Bumping this would still more info, as much as I Jak is a betetr choice I would be more inclined to go Radec,
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4 years ago#26
We need more Radecs.
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4 years ago#27
dabuz posted...
We need more Radecs.

Yeah but do you really want one on your team?

The only thing stopping me from Radec is the fact I don't know if I could contribute in high level play at all, atleast with BD he brings something.
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