How do you guys feel about this matchup: Nariko vs. Good Cole?

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  3. How do you guys feel about this matchup: Nariko vs. Good Cole?

User Info: PirateKing290

3 years ago#21
holysquid posted...

PSN: Weeeler

User Info: Blue_BaIIz

3 years ago#22
LaKizzle23 posted...
Just played this matchup earlier against the best Nariko player I've ever faced.

He beat me the first 2 matches and I turned it around and won 3 matches straight. In two of the matches, I won before Nariko got her lvl 3.

GC vs Nariko is pretty much in GC's favor but BARELY.

Good Cole doesn't really have a powerful answer to Nariko's disk spam. His grenades can cause her to change her position up but she can dish out disks at a faster pace which could lead to easy ap for Nariko in the long run. And that's where GC's tether comes in handy. Properly timed tethers will destroy Nariko especially since GC can time the tethers to reach Nariko while she's in her disk throwing animation.

Up close is Nariko's advantage. If Nariko can close the gap between her and GC, there is practically nothing GC can do but roll away. GC has no quick attacks to punish Nariko's attacks. Try grabbing as GC, and you'll just get comboed. I'm not talking about her neutral square attacks either (which no good Nariko user should even use). Her up triangle, air side triangle and ESPECIALLY her up square move (which can be spammed) can keep GC stuck blocking while Nariko gains ap.

So if GC can space himself properly against Nariko, he can get the win. But at the same time, he has to get kills quick, because Nariko's lvl 3 is basically game over.

I'm that Nariko you played. Best Nariko ever? :D I saw you on the tournament results and noticed you played Cole so thought I'd see how the matchup was. Yeah, that tether move wrecks her pretty well. I opted to change my style and play a little more zoning, but that didn't really work.

I think in a 1v1 situation, Cole has a better advantage then you might think. Surviving one of her level 3s puts her at a big disadvantage against him, and that ice jump helps very much with that. Him being able to level 1 an opponent the instant they jump is just amazing. I later realized how dangerous that tether was and why I tried something different. Hope I can figure out what I can do to beat him. Best Cole I've ever played and hopefully the best I ever will haha.
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  3. How do you guys feel about this matchup: Nariko vs. Good Cole?

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