What are ST'S best ways to deal with air enemies?

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hmm not sure why, but ok... i juggle between
Heihachi, S Tooth, Spike and Radec.

and if it means anything, I usually play Radec in a short/ mid range capacity.

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Someone tell Zero_Shame that he needs to teach this guy how to troll.

is that the guy who started the hit confirm character move thread?

anyways sorry, but I kind of just want good info so I cna improve.
Nope, too late. 200+ post topic already deconfirmed.

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Only n00bs go to trolling school, n00b. Trolling is a natural skill which you lack.
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Only n00bs go to trolling school, n00b. Trolling is a natural skill which you lack.

Good thing i'm not a troll lol.
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I love playing at ST but it cna be incredibly difficult to fight opponents on the ground who have range, and it becomes extremely more so when the opponents stick to air games.

So how good are STs anti air options?

Im hoping to find a way to effectively bring enemies to the ground to start getting int othem for a super kill. I know his hit confirm but that can be difficult to pull off in the first place.

I Mained sweet tooth since the beta, and im pretty good with him, so let me see if i can help

First off, sweet tooth's anti air options are ok, but lacking. His up circle is good for characters who like to drop on your head or air camp above you, and the hit box extends a little wide, plus you can spam combo it in corners, but his best anti-airs are the moves he uses in the air. If you only mean from the ground, though, he has his sling blade(don't recommend it to much) and his fire cocktails( though, again, only really works as an anti air if your in the air). Just keep hopping and throwin em until your opponent gets the message.

I got quite a few tips and can help you more if you want. Just ask on here or message my
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or even send a friend req and I'll SHOW you some of his best stuff. He isn't to complicated to be competent with, but I have a few tricks and ways I play him that you may see aare very interesting/useful.