Pros and Cons of SuperBot leaving. There is still hope for this game.

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Another pro: if SM does do a sequel, they may be able to change the ****ing title
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Deathtrap119 posted...
So it Saddens me to know that SuperBot is now gone from this game. They are a small, independent company that did great for their first game. Now that they are leaving this game, there are a couple good and bad things about it.

The Good:

-Santa Monica is a pretty great studio, they aren't your average piece of crap company. They have good ideas and might actually bring a couple good things to the game.

-Superbot wasn't a very competent company, and didn't really update us on when things were going to happen.

-Since Santa Monica is closer to Sony and is first party, that means more money. More money= characters like crash, spyro, etc.

-Some of Superbot's employees will probably migrate to Santa Monica, so we will still have the same employees with the same experience.

The Bad:

-They are a LOT less likely to listen to fans now. Which means: No character buffs or nerfs after this based on fan demand.

-It could become like LittleBigPlanet, which is now owned by Sony. Sony only releases DLC for LBP now and doesn't fix any glitches or exploits.

-If we don't have very many of the same employees working at Santa Monica, they might not know what they're doing.

Like I said in the other thread, hopefully they do better with this than they did with Twisted Metal, that game suffered a worse fate than this one.
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