If Crash and Spyro were in this game, how well do you think it would have done?

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Adding good characters to a bad game doesn't make the bad game good.
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ImDyinSquirtle posted...
It would have done a bit better, since you'd be surprised how many people do/don't buy a game for 1 character

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If it had any of the massively fanboyed FF characters like Cloud or Squall, and Crash and Spyro, it probably would have done a lot better.

The game probably would have sold 500K from Cloud alone.
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Yeah, this is what's depressing. We'll never know. =( I would've loved to see them go full tilt on this, because I know now the heads at Sony are saying "well, that experiment failed and we're never trying to riff on Smash again." When the reality is, they didn't deliver on what people's expectations were.

If you took away Dante, Fat Princess, Big Daddy and Raiden and replaced those four with Cloud, Crash, Spyro and Snake, I'd love to see how well the game would sell.

Who knows, maybe it'd still be a dud. But then at least at that point, you can't say the roster is bad at all. It'd pretty much be the perfect 20 man roster, with the curious inclusion of Nariko and the double Coles being the only problems. But the highly controversial Dante? BD? Raiden over Snake? FP? I mean what the heck, it's almost like sabotage.

The only way to truly know if there's demand for a game like this is to make it again and get the roster right.... and Sony would be patentedly insane to try again after a flop like this. =(
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