Well, I think it's finally happening for me.

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See, the problem that I have with other fighters are the controls. To me, it's an unnecessary hurdle that's put there for the lolz. Seriously, fighting games are a bit ridiculous that way.

The second thing is that I'm behind the curve. I remember picking up MvC3 from Gamefly. I'd always played MvC2 with my friends, so I thought "why not". The first match I did online, I got trapped in one of those newfangled infinites vs. Wolverine. It was horrible ;_; so I stopped attempting to learn for a long time. I might try to pick it back up again if people are saying it's WAAAAY more fun than this.

Also if Brawl had good online, I don't think I'd have left my Wii to collect dust in my room.

Mortal Kombat has nice and easy controls.

Never played :0 I'll definitely look into it.
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