Fat Princess: 50 Kill Confirms in under 50 minutes ;) (Video)

#11DireProphecyPosted 2/6/2013 1:43:17 AM
tlcstormz posted...
DireProphecy posted...
Kratos is so broken guys let's nerf him...

DO NOT start that "omg kratos is just mid tear" nonsense in here. Please.

Anyways...LOLOLOLOLOL at this video. I couldn't stop laughing.

This kinda sucks, though. At least 3 combos that I'd come up with on my own were in that video. Never seen anyone else do them, before. Hopefully people will still not use her frequently.


...who says he is mid "tier"
A few characters are better than him, Fat Princess being one of them.
#12LightEcoSagePosted 2/6/2013 1:58:20 AM
That last kill was impressive!
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