FFA Stock is the most slept on game mode in this game

#11PyroSparkPosted 2/7/2013 11:31:23 PM
Link versus Cloud posted...
A lot of times you can go 1-2 and beat two people who go 5-3 in this mode because of this garbage.


player A gets level 3 and gets 4 kills (-1 to player B, -1 to player C, -2 to player D)
player B gets level 3 and targets player A who is in the lead for 4 kills (-2 to A, -1 to C, -1 to D eliminated)
player A builds up level 1 and hit confirms on player B (who is in the lead) (-1 to B)
player A builds up to another level 1.
player B realizes player A is the best and needs to eliminate him so he hit confirms into level 1 (-1 to A eliminated)
Player D is garbage and has only managed to get enough AP for a level 1 all this time, but he uses it to hitconfirm on player B for the win...

I see this garbage happen in FFA stock all the time.

FFA stock is a heavily broken mode in this game. You are actually rewarded for NOT getting kills in this mode. Its best to horde AP and wait for everyone else to kill each other so you have more AP when it gets down to the end.

This is what it comes down to if everyone playing is smart.

FFA kill limit is more balanced overall.
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