Confirm or Deny . Dart is not a PlayStation Icon.

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Dart would've been a better character to add than BD, Raiden, Dante, the second of the Coles, Nariko, Emmett Graves, Kat, and FP, hands down. That's about a third of the roster than he's pretty much objectively more important than.

ITP: Someone who doesn't know what objectively means.

Also, stupid move including Raiden on your list. Raiden actually is well known. Well known because people hate him, but well known regardless. He's certainly closer to icon status than some random guy from an old RPG nobody remembers.

I said "better character to add", not "more well known." People were outraged when Raiden was confirmed in the beta leak, because it meant that instead of getting Snake, one of the most beloved and oft-requested characters for this game, we were getting Raiden... and not even the Raiden that fans knew from the MG series, but a Raiden that represented an advertisement for his upcoming game.

As I said a while back, this entire thread's fixating on a moot point. Dart's not an icon. He wasn't iconic even in the PS1 days, when his game first released. He never had that kind of power.

But he still would've been better to add than all the characters I listed, as far as the health of the game. Adding Raiden didn't make MGS fans jump for joy, it pissed them off. Just ask DMC fans how they felt about getting Dante. Superbot basically infuriated both of those fanbases, when they were trying to please them.

In both cases, Dart (a relatively unknown character with a small fanbase whose game was respectably successful and represented the RPG genre) would've been better to add.

And when I use the word "objective", I don't mean that I think it isn't subjective. I mean that it's silly to argue with my position because the game has failed so abysmally that they've clearly done a tremendous amount wrong, in every aspect, and this is a big part of that.

Sorry if that comes off as cocky. ; )
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Confirm. I have no idea who Dart is.
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LoD was awesome, but i don't think Dart had much to do with that, meaning he is not what most ppl remember when thinking about that game. When ppl think FF7, you think Cloud and his Buster sword
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What makes a character an all star is irrelevant. The question was is Dart an icon. What makes a character an icon is very clearly defined and thus the answer is no. Sorry if you can't understand something so simple.

It is not clearly defined and your just dodging the question. It is not irrelevant as this topic clearly implies its not. People are lumping all-star and icon as basically the same thing and in some cases they are the same thing.

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Also, stupid move including Raiden on your list. Raiden actually is well known. Well known because people hate him, but well known regardless. He's certainly closer to icon status than some random guy from an old RPG nobody remembers.

No one remembered ness either during the time of first smash(captian falcon somewhat as well), why does it matters weather or not you remember him? You'll remember him after you see him and that's what matters. I'm glad nintendo didn't listen to people like you are smash would be a boring game rosterwise.
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I had no idea who Colonel Radec, Emmett Graves, Fat Princess, Kat, and Toro Inoue were.

How many players do you think actually knew who Ness was when they first played SSB?
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I wouldn't call Dart an icon (mostly because Sony never really supported him). He was just one of the more memorable characters of the PS1 era.

If you haven't played Legend of Dragoon yet, I suggest you at least read up about it. I never got to finish the game but it was probably the most fun I ever had with a RPG/FF type game. The story was pretty good and the gameplay was pretty innovative for the time (to me at least).

Anyone who played the game would still remember Dart to this day... which is why it would have been awesome to see him included in the game.

Though, this game was meant to be for casuals, meaning that more recent characters needed to be added in order to please the target audience of this game: Kids/teens born AFTER the PS1 era.
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If you can count Sir Dan, Crash and Parrappa then Dart can be one as well.
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To me Dart is by far the best character that was created by the train wreck that is SONY creativity.
If you put every single characters that were created by SONY in a big mash up I would recognize Dart right away!
I might find Kratos if I tried a little though.
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If you can count Fat Princess, Big Daddy (who's more of a Microsoft character), Kat and Emmett as PlayStation icons, then Dart should be counted too.
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