i gotta say this game kindve sucks, but dont get mad

#1Retroxgamer0Posted 2/6/2013 5:21:23 PM(edited)
im not trying to start trouble, i mean i still like it personally, but for the greater mass, if someone asked me if this is a good game, dispite the fact that i personally enjoy it daily, im not going to say yes. im going to say nah, get something else....i dont think more than a very selective bunch can enjoy this game the way it was meant to be enjoyed, and i dont think it is worth 50-60 bucks for the average person.

now that ive said that, i think firing superbot was the right choice. hopefully they can fix this. i dont want kratos to forever be damaged, and known as the god of forward square that pisses me off. they damaged the sony brand as much as they advertised it.

i bet santa monica probably helped superbot get fired, by explaining that theyre about to release god of war, and this up and coming team is making kratos look like a noob and hurting their series, by making it look like a button spammer.
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pffft its not even worth 40
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I agree.
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im still going to play it but to be honest its not because superbot did an excellent job its because i like playing a smashbros style casual game with some of the ps all stars characters. i have to really force myself to ignore all of superbots screwups like the fact that my alltime favorites arent in, the stupid super system, etc. so while i enjoy the game, its more because of the genre, superbot are still failures, and this game is still a screwup.. you guys are not typical fans of the genre, you love this style correct me if im wrong, you guys played smash a while too huh? or at least youve been waiting for something like this and were so happy when you heard it would be released? but you damnsure expected more than this. we all did.

how could sony let these nobodies take control of their biggest and best properties? i cant say i blame square, capcom, and konami for not wanting to fully get onboard and give up the goods with old dante, solid snake, and cloud strife. superbot isnt worthy of handling them.
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I completely agree with you on Kratos. He's an amazing character from an amazing game, but gets such bad representation here.

Hell, the same could be said about many of these characters.
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WTF is kindve?
Because Naughty Dog
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3D3 posted...
WTF is kindve?

:O idk
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Snovvbub posted...
I completely agree with you on Kratos. He's an amazing character from an amazing game, but gets such bad representation here.

Hell, the same could be said about many of these characters.

do you also agree that you are no longer playing this game because of superbots "good work" but rather because you enjoy the characters, and you sometimes feel like you're battling against the failures of this game to try and soak fun out of what likely doesnt deserve so much time investment? this game wont last a few years in its current state if not overhauled like super street fighter got. insult capcom all you want, but theyre going to have to pull a capcom move to save this sucker.
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The Twisted Metal stink creeped into this game just having Sweet Tooth.
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I play Dynasty Warriors like a mad man. If someone asks me if it's a good game, I will say "f*** no". But I play the games, regardless. I find enjoyment in them, but I can still recognize them as BAD games. HYPED for Dynasty Warriors 8, though... Even though it WILL be bad.

ANYWAY, on-topic, I can say the same about PSAS. I recognize it as a below-average game (yeah, I said it. I was going to write a review giving it a 5/10, but felt lazy), but I can still have fun playing it.

Quality and Fun are two VERY independent factors, and I think people need to stop measuring them as parallel entities.
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