Uncharted was an important part of my childhood

#11RainbowsaurusPosted 2/6/2013 7:50:45 PM
I got DmC for my first birthday.
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Ryu should be in UM vs C
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Sly 4....

So many memories with that game :)

Im gunna cry :,(
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Retroxgamer0 posted...
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message detail

Its funny because you are a child.

Not that you havent been getting or anything

glad i blocked u

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Its my feelings.
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The Last of Us shares a special place in my heart since my parents conceived me while playing it. <3
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--crashbfan posted...
Sorry typo. Uncharted 3* was an important part of my childhood

part of your childhood? are you 10? uncharted is barely 2 years old if even