who are your top 5 least favorite characters to use starting with the least?

#1Retroxgamer0Posted 2/8/2013 2:49:57 AM(edited)
here are mine:

1) Big Daddy - giant hitbox, do not like bioshock its overrated, isnt a ps all star, not a fan
2) Sir Daniel - i dont like medevil, his cult fanbase are elitist or troll, too slow with awkward hitboxes
3) Fat Princess - i dont care about her game, her character models annoying, her playstyle is unique, but she doesnt come off as an endearing character i want to play often
4) PaRappa - i just never got into his series so he isnt big to me
5) Sweet Tooth - i actually like twisted metal but i dont like the way he plays. hes noob and built entirely around air square which is dumb and boring. his lousy lvl2 super makes him repetitive with the lvl1s
#2Garfield64Posted 2/8/2013 2:51:41 AM
I like playing with all 20 BUT if I had to pick just five I'd pick

1. Kratos
2. Raiden
3. Drake
4. Sly Cooper
5. Evil Cole

Why? Because I don't like using the 5 players everyone in the game uses constantly.
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#3Retroxgamer0(Topic Creator)Posted 2/8/2013 2:53:54 AM
people gravitate to easy to play characters.
#4toad133Posted 2/8/2013 4:56:42 AM(edited)
So far....

1. Dante
2. Kratos
3. Sweet Tooth
4. Radec
5. Evil Cole
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#5Trigger_MonkeyPosted 2/8/2013 4:35:13 AM
1. Kratos (He's an overused tool)
2. Fat Princess (Her voice gives me a headache)
3. Sly ( Overused)
4. Evil Cole ( Overused)
5. Raiden (Overused)
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#6LightEcoSagePosted 2/8/2013 5:11:42 AM
1. Kratos
2. Raiden
3. Fat Princess
4. Toro
5. Ratchet.
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#7JohnbobbPosted 2/8/2013 6:27:24 AM
I try to use everyone, but ones I especially struggle with I tend to use less.

1. Sly Cooper
2. Toro
3. Raiden
4. Sir Dan
5. Dante
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#8ShorydoukenPosted 2/8/2013 6:32:28 AM
Fat Princess- I unno, just can't stand her.
Nariko-Terible combos and other crap.
Kratos-I don't like to play OP characters, unless it's okay with the people I'm playing with.
Toro-Never got into him, really.
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#9Rlaur2Posted 2/8/2013 6:55:45 AM
Fat Princess

Out of the characters I actually use, that's really it.
#10Doom_JPosted 2/8/2013 7:02:29 AM
Yknow, sweet tooth dosen't have to be played like a noob character, and the fact that most people are aware of his air square set-up actually makes it pretty hard to get. I perfer to use his tech trapping abilities, then go for a read to 1 bar them. Yea its a good lvl 1, but it's a bit overrated, especially if your not the type to go for the HC all the time.