kratos just isnt that good of a character really

#1Retroxgamer0Posted 2/8/2013 6:54:51 PM(edited)
i can understand that hes popular because hes pretty easy to be good with, but thats exactly why he isnt a good character anyone would really want to main. hes incredibly shallow and repetitive, doesnt have a learning curve, cant be fun for very long bouts of time, everyones dislikes him, you get no credit for your wins (big deal youre kratos?) and if you lose then you look bad because you lost with an easy character. so when you put it all together hes just not a very fun or engaging character. i can see someone liking him when they first get into the game, but how does anyone stick with him? i feel like leveling him is a chore, rather than fun. i definately dont understand why hes so popular. i mean other than his games being pretty good, hes probably one of the worst characters for someone who wants to get better at the game (which should literally be everyone!)
#2judgementaeonPosted 2/8/2013 6:55:07 PM
Same here XD

omg....I'm going back to classic me...first "it's your opinion", and now XDs...O_O
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