Pasta Stadium League Fettuccine Friday 1v1 Results (2/8/13)

#1LizardheartPosted 2/9/2013 2:50:02 AM
AylasHero's posted the results of this tournament on most PSASBR websites except this one, so I'll do the honors here.

AylasHero is the poster of the following:

Hello everyone! It's me again to give you some tournament results!

We tried out a Full List Striking System (FLSS) for the tournament. While it did not negatively change results to be unexpected, it was cumbersome and time consuming to use, and many stages never saw play anyways, so as of now we are scrapping the concept.

Be sure to look at this list VERY legitimately though: new rules or not each person competiting di their best and earned their place well! Some people even jumping into the tournament for a shot at losers when people failed to come or connect (kudos for bravery!).

A pattern is starting to develop almost, which is very curious indeed.

Ratchet's are placing VERY high right now, someone needs to learn to counter him better or this will just continue.

After this, it seems the most popular characters include Sackboy, Evil Cole, PaRappa, and Spike (in no particular order). The large amounts of Spikes when he is deems not as amazing in 1v1 is curious, though no Spike has stepped up into the top 8 of of yet.

Also, for the first time in a while, we had a Raiden get far! This is very curious and I wanted to bring up a point about Raiden and Fat Princess: many people they they are very strong (some go as far as to say Fat Princess is broken) yet these two characters are not placing high at tournaments often. So, either we are wrong about Fat Princess at least, or we are not having anyone at an extremely high level with her coming her. (Though I must admit, a lot of top placing characters arguable are good to even with Fat Princess, so this might be a case as well.)

Other then this, we get a lot of random sprinklings of other characters, Nariko needing to be noted with Public Enemy getting her very high again, and some people trying to follow this example and pick her up for 1v1.

So let's look at results! The asterisk represents those who jumped into loser's finals to make up for those you dropped out, so you know they didn't get sent there in their first match.

1st: LizardHeart (Ratchet)

2nd: Dabuz18 (Ratchet/Evil Cole)

3rd: Xaltis (Ratchet)

4th: PsYkiiik (Raiden)

5th: Public_enemy645 (Nariko)
5th: jeffjeff9996 (Sackboy)

7th: HeavyJugz (Fat Princess)
7th: LaKizzle23 (Good Cole)

9th: Xadrin (Evil Cole)
9th: Awesome9234 (PaRappa)
9th: cjc1922 (Parappa)
9th: Dragonsroc (Evil Cole/Drake)

13th: LunarReaper (Nariko)
13th: KattCandii (Sackboy)
13th: soondragon67 (Heihachi/Spike)
13th: Urban-Adversary (Good Cole)

17th: YungDaVinci (Sackboy/Spike)*
17th: CrazyYoshimitsu (Sackboy/Heihachi)*
17th: Magicsith (PaRappa)
17th: MarcusSoul (Good Cole/Drake)
17th: SROVRSTRM (Spike/Jak/Parappa/Sir Dan)
17th: Paradox-Addict (Sackboy)
17th: xL3G3NDx_189 (Drake)
17th: goddessbracelet (Spike)

25th: vizionary2012 (Good Cole)*

25th: TempestTheory (Jak)
25th: DJPlace (Heihachi)

The bracket can be seen here:

Thank you everyone who played! These tournaments just get more and more exciting by the week and it's thanks to all of you showing up and bringing fresh new faces in!

Hopefully as Pasta Stadium Leagues expands to have more tournaments, we can have just as high of a player base. (Especially for the Overseas Tournaments coming next week!) And keep this community thriving with new innovations and players.

Sorry if I appear pretentious posting it here but I saw this not posted on GFAQs so I decided to post it here.
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Not one Big Daddy I could of made top 9 maybe 7 I think.
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#3DHG_SweepPosted 2/9/2013 4:01:53 AM
Whens the last time drakes placed high?
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#4Lizardheart(Topic Creator)Posted 2/10/2013 3:11:49 AM
It's been a while since I've seen a competent Drake. If you would like to show us one, you're more than welcome to join one of these tournaments. They are run every week.
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I'm officially a member of the Lizardheart fan club. : D
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#6ZanooooPosted 2/10/2013 4:06:57 AM
Kindertotenwald posted...
Not one Big Daddy I could of made top 9 maybe 7 I think.

All dem coles tho mang, idk.

Both coles give big d such a hard time because of their movement and projectiles imo.
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are there any vids?
#8KindertotenwaldPosted 2/10/2013 8:29:14 AM
Zanoooo posted...
Kindertotenwald posted...
Not one Big Daddy I could of made top 9 maybe 7 I think.

All dem coles tho mang, idk.

Both coles give big d such a hard time because of their movement and projectiles imo.

GC is manageable because I can bait the tether.

EC can cover that with his punch though.
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Jak in 25th place? I could've made Jak look better! Too bad I had to go out for my Bday -_O
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Oh snap, Lizardheat is here.
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