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Anyone getting a sound glitch in graveyard (Archived)Father_Time8914/10 5:02PM
Anyone fellow former Isaac players find anything redeemable about him now? (Archived)Exo_Icarus64/10 3:01PM
Haven't been running into the former high tiers nearly as often. (Archived)
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LanceDrake124/10 3:00PM
Apparently Kat's level 3 now bugs the game (Archived)DireProphecy14/10 2:56PM
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Gf Geneticide, Issac is mega nerfed. (Archived)GamerRaf24/10 1:14PM
Soooooo.... My main... Nariko.... (Archived)
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EsperStarr114/10 12:29PM
General changes discussion. (Archived)
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CommittedComet124/10 12:20PM
Halp, can't find opponents online (Archived)GameguruVIII24/10 12:20PM
Any good Fat Princess players want to play? (Archived)CommittedComet44/10 12:07PM
Share your hate mail! (Archived)
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Final_Tran114/10 11:33AM
How do you feel about Emmett now? (Archived)BluBlue434/10 8:23AM
Have they added 1v1 matchmaking yet? (Archived)WILD_CHARIZARD14/10 2:04AM
Uh oh. Really bad glitch from throw clash system. (Archived)PyroSpark74/10 12:35AM
Am I the only one that dislikes the new patch? (Archived)stevenbob104/9 9:46PM
So what Parappa combos with combo burts can you do now? (Archived)gameghy55554/9 9:45PM
I hate losing major belt points for second place (Archived)gameghy55534/9 9:21PM
In the last 10 minutes... (Archived)SettaWorldTeeth24/9 8:32PM
I'm tired of people comparing smash and Psasbr (Archived)KingDeadpool104/9 8:12PM