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3 years ago#1
Go now.
Emperor Kanji Approved Smashtastic Swag Style
3 years ago#2
i don't necesaraly want to be fuzzy
i wanna ryd!!
3 years ago#3
Orange9 posted...
BBCSE: Carl/Platinum; TTT2: Lili/Alisa;
P4A: Teddie/Yukiko; PSASBR: Kratos/Kat;
3 years ago#4
PSN: [R3D]LiquidSnake3465 -- Site: official-R3D.forumotions.com FC: 4811-8101-5946
3 years ago#5
just ran into a emmet in the uk but can not find him in the store were do i find him?

beat him with my sack boy lol his shots go over my head ^,..,^
All Your Base Are Belong to Us
3 years ago#6
On vita not ps3.
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