Kat (air only) 135ap combo

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3 years ago#1
What I mean by air only is that there are no ground attacks involved, this is an air combo only(you and your opponent should be in the air) Needs 2 debris...


Its a bit situational but not that hard to pull off. This is mostly just a proof of concept combo for the Gravity Queen (sucks that I had to delete Gravity Rush to make room for the patch today). Although imo its nice to know it and it looks kinda stylish after an up grab:P
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3 years ago#2
Was just about to make a topic like this. I'll just post it here instead. Air conversion combos.

145 AP: j.d3, j.3, 1, 1, u1, j.1, j.1, jump, j.3, j.d3, 2 (2 debris)
95 AP: j.3, j.1, j.1, jump, j.3, j.d3, j.1, j.1, j.u2 (2 debris)
75 AP:j.1, j.1, jump, j.d3, j.1, j.1, j.u2

I found some more, but they seemed more situational, but it's definitely possible to get 150-155 AP off of an air-to-air.
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