Canon wise Parappa is the strongest

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dante isnt weak lol only in this game

he's not stronger than Kratos

This has actually been debated in the past and Dante (at least his old DMC incarnation) is much stronger than Kratos, Dante can take being impaled by a blade that's almost as big as the Sword of Zeus like it were nothing, Kratos seemingly dies everytime he gets stabbed with whatever, sure Kratos would climb out of hell but a point made constantly is that Dante can go to hell and beat Kratos into submission every single time anyways.

Since when the heck does hell=demon world? Also dantes regenerative abilities dont even apply gameplay wise, and canon wise dont make any sense, are they seriosuly telling us even a stab to the heart cant even kill Dante? Well WTF can? Cutting off his head? I think the producers just over exaggerated that ability of his just so he could look cooler.

I still think dante would win, but not nearly as easily as some folks think he should.
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