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this games community is pure garbage (Archived)
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If only the recovery is like J-Stars'... (Archived)PSaddict65/23 3:29PM
Who are the best players you've fought with or against who main your character? (Archived)
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Stanger5150325/22 8:36AM
How to get the Vita Version? (Archived)ElmntDark25/21 11:04PM
Always wondered why there ways no side step dodge in this game? (Archived)marioparty1765/21 1:25PM
Major similarities and differences between this and Smash Brothers? (Archived)QQGG85/20 8:36AM
So Spike, one of the worst characters got NERFED? (Archived)
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PirateKing290555/18 10:57AM
Right now I'm sooo happy with this game! Looking for people! (Archived)ClassicRich65/17 1:41PM
Found a really dumb glitch online (Archived)marioparty1735/17 6:01AM
The patch did two things (Archived)
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Chairstood315/16 9:32PM
What did Sly Cooper say to Kat last night? (Archived)PielordX55/16 7:27AM
Anyone play on vita? (Archived)WiiBrawler25/16 12:52AM
Do people still 1 v 1 on here? (Archived)
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What happened to this board? (Archived)
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Potatoman622125/15 3:00AM
Glitchiest match ever... (Archived)J-Don-Bonne45/12 12:43PM
why does ratchet have so much swag (Archived)IcyFlamez9695/11 4:54PM
A question for all of you. (Archived)
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Revert the Changes. (Archived)
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KnucklesIX145/11 9:00AM
How are Parappa players surviving ranked FFA? (Archived)gameghy55535/9 4:31PM
My move list for Crono from Chrono Trigger (Archived)MKWARRIOR200025/9 6:02AM