Kat Combos,Tips, and Gameplay Discussion

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Original topic:

There's tons of combos where you can change one move for another or add debris at various points. Due to practicality you don't need many of Kat's combos, much like Nariko only needs a few from her dozen .

Here are the ones I think you should know. I tried to include the best for each kind of combo starter.
Picks were based upon combo length(safety), ap generation compared to combos with same starter attack, and difficulty/practicality.


BNB 145AP: 111, D3, 111, 2, a.2 (can add 1 debris at multiple points for 155ap)

155AP: a.S1, 111, D3, 111, 2, a.2

155AP: D2xx1, U3 111, D3, 2, a.2 (U3 better than D1 for greater back safety)

140AP: D2xx2, 11U1, a.11, jumpxxa.D3, a.2 (safest D2xx2combo)

145AP: a.D2, 111, D3, 3, 2, 2
135AP: a.D2, a.D3, 111, 2, a.D3, a.11

135AP: a.D1, 111, D3, 2, a.D2 (add debris before a.D2 for 145AP)

145AP: d3, 111, 2, a.d3, a11, jumpxxa.2

50AP: S1, U2 Requires wall bounce and gives hard knockdown. go for airdash towards grabound tech chase setups after

Air to Air Combos
(this section needs more exploration for easier and more practical ones which don't need debris)

145 AP: a.d3, a.3, 1, 1, u1, a.11, jump, a.3, a.d3, 2 (2 debris needed)

135AP: a.D3, delayed 3 land, a.11, air dash up and 3, 11, 2(towards opponent) (1debris needed)

The following 3 work regardless of height the opponent is at:
95 AP: a.3, a.1, a.1, jump, a.3, a.d3, a.11, a.u2 (2 debris) (sort of impractical but it's the best 100% air combo)
75 AP: a.11, jump, a.d3, a.11, a.u2
AirBNB 60AP: a.D3, a.11, jump, a.2 (can end with S3 aswell)


Down grabs;
145AP: 111, D3, 111, 2, a.2 add 1 debris after 2 for 155AP

There are down grab combos into lv1. they vary but all end in debris. some are long or short. experiment, most are obvious.
EX. DGrab, D3,3, Lv1

Up Grabs;
Use only if you need safety or confirming into lv 2
75AP: a.11, jumpxxD3, a.2 (can add debris after D3)


Combo ending with debris link to level 1. The best is for build ap before lv1 is;

95 AP: a.D2, land, 1, 1, 1, D3, 1, 1, 1, pause, 3, level 1
works on both airborne or grounded opponents (1 debris). can swap a.D2 with down grab.

45Ap: 111, D3, 3, Level 1

Upthrow Lv2. position kat as close to enemy as she flys upwards during lv2 activation.

- Air dash diagonally towards the ground to gain forward momentum. Once grounded Kat can cancel into any move, including grabs. Good for tech chases and getting in.

- Kat has moderate or high startup on many moves. She's quite unsafe on block for almost all moves but a.S1. a.D2 can be hard to punish from some characters. Basically if you whiff a D3/a.D3 you'll eat a super or a burst combo.

- a.S2 is pretty much better off as mobility to run imo. You can combo into it but meh

- As a partner kat's long combos can set up for most character's level 1's. Her a.S2 is good to interrupt opponents combing her teammates.

- You lose debris once sent flying, crumpled, butt dropped or hard knockdown so don't rely on it heavily but always look to take it out

-Lv2 can be used as a semi-decent tech trap after U1.
-Hold super button during lv2 to postpone firing the shots. The shots are aimable

- Kat is extremely loud. I recommend going to a library with a vita, enter practice mode, set supers to lv1, max your volume and mash R trigger
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Enough with these topics it's getting annoying. No more of these >_>
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there's this one and there's the original. I locked the original because the post which mattered (op in this topic) would probably be missed over time.

I also did it hoping people wont make topics for more combos and will instead post them all in this one topic.
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I'd say always have debris out, these things are AMAZING.

Tri dash, fire off a debris when you land to remove the landing lag and follow up with a grab if it was blocked. You can also combo a slide if it hits, or even a lv1 if you're close enough.

You can use these to hit confirm into a ton of moves, like a.D2.

Also here is a 75ap air combo

a.D3, a.N1,N1, jump, a.N1,N1, a.U2(you will have to guide it to hit).
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I think these should be Kat's go-to combos for their respective starting move

150 AP - 1, 1, 1, D3, 1, 1, U1 (hold), a.1, a.1, a.2 (towards opponent)
145 AP - a.D1 or a.D2, land, 1, 1, 1, D3, 1, 1, U1 (hold), a.2
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I hope they fix her dodge... it tends to distract me. also mastering her air dash opens up a couple of combos. a good way to rush opponents is connecting 3,s3,d3. can also use dash for maximum distance.
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Kat's got too many options for combos. I keep figuring out new ways to link moves and then can't decide on which to do when actually playing online.
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Down grabs;
145AP: 111, D3, 111, 2, a.2 add 1 debris after 2 for 155AP

You can add a debris after D3 instead. It's far easier this way imo.
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fuzzylittlbunny posted...
I think these should be Kat's go-to combos for their respective starting move

150 AP - 1, 1, 1, D3, 1, 1, U1 (hold), a.1, a.1, a.2 (towards opponent)

You can end this combo with up air dash, D3 a.2 instead for 155 AP.
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Oh yeah, and her optimal (for now at least) combo after a down grab

155 AP - down throw, 1, 1, 1, D3, 1, 1, U1 (hold), a.1, a.1, air dash up, a.D3, a.2

Also, since you can cancel her air dash with moves, Kat has an interesting guessing game. Tri-dash towards your opponent, and you will have three decent options:

1) a.1 a.1
2) land and 1, 1, 1
3) land and throw

Each option can lead to at least 145 AP or 70 AP before a kill, and each can cover a different response from your opponent. If they block while you're dashing, you can grab them. If they expect the grab and either jump or input a grab of their own in an attempt to escape, the you aerial kicks will counter that and start a combo. And of course you can just land and slightly delay a normal attack string on the ground to try and mix up your opponent too.

And thanks to Dabuz's video, I found out you can combo her a.S1 into a.2, which means slightly more AP off a dive kick!

155 AP - a.D2, land, 1, 1, 1, D3, 1, 1, U1 (hold), a.S1, a.2
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