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3 years ago#11
Ah, and that's a nice contribution co1onel. Adding the air dash D3 a.2 makes it easier too lol
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3 years ago#12
1= Square 2=Triangle 3=Circle
S=side/ D=Down U=Up

a.__ = aerial move (some people use j.__)
xx = cancel

I updated the "should know" list.

-Changed combos to incorporate U1 because being airborn is safer
-Replaced combos with betters versions posted in the topic.
-Removed a.D1 combo because it's a lackluster combo starter
-BNB and AirBNB updated
-Better air to air combos found
-Safer grab combo found
-various comment edits beside combos
-Fixed notation errors


BNB 155AP: 111, D3, 11U1, a.11, jumpxxa.D3, a.2

155AP: a.S1, 111, D3, 111, 2, a.2
155AP: a.S1, 111, D3, U1, a.D3, a.11, jumpxxa.2

155AP: D2xx1, U3 11U1, a., 2, a.2 (U3 better than D1 for greater back safety)

140AP: D2xx2, 11U1, a.11, jumpxxa.D3, a.2 (safest D2xx2combo)

155 AP: a.D2, land, 111, D3, 1, 1, U1 (hold), a.S1, a.2
145AP: a.D2, a.D3, 11U1, a.11, jumpxxa.D3, a.2 (can add debris)

145AP: d3, 111, 2, a.d3, a11, jumpxxa.2

50AP: S1, U2 Requires wall bounce and gives hard knockdown. go for airdash towards grabound tech chase setups after

Air to Air Combos
(this section needs more exploration for easier and more practical ones which don't need debris)

150AP: a.D3, 11U1, a.11, jumpxxa.D3, a.11, a.2

The following 3 work regardless of height the opponent is at:
95 AP: a.3, a.11, jumpxxa.3, a.d3, a.11, a.u2 (2 debris) (sort of impractical)
AirBNB 85AP: a.D3, a.11, jumpxxa.11, a.2 (can add debris)
75 AP: a.11, jump, a.d3, a.11, a.u2


Down grabs;
155 AP - down throw, 111 D3, 11U1, a.11, air dash up, a.D3, a.2
150AP -D3, 11U1, a.11, jumpxxa.D3, a.11, a.2

There are down grab combos into lv1. All end must end with debris.
EX. DGrab, D3, 3, Lv1

Up Grabs;
Use only if you need safety or confirming into lv 2
75AP: a.11, jumpxxD3, a.2 (can add debris after D3)


Combos which ending with debris link to level 1.

95 AP: a.D2, 111, D3, 111, pause, 3, level 1
works on both airborne (but very close to ground) or grounded opponents. Can swap a.D2 with down grab(90AP).

XAp: D3, 3, Level 1 (Can add multiple comboing moves before)

Upthrow Lv2. position kat as close to enemy as she flys upwards during lv2 activation.

- Air dash diagonally towards the ground to gain forward momentum which can be canceled into any move, including grabs. Good for tech chases and getting in.

- Kat has moderate or high startup on many moves. She's very unsafe on block for except a.S1. a.D2 which can be hard to punish for some characters.Whiff a D3/a.D3 and you'll eat a super or a burst combo.

- Whiffed a.S2 cancels into a.D2. Good for mobility and combo starting

- Kat's long combos set up for most partners level 1's. a.S2 is good to interrupt opponents combing her teammates.

- You lose debris once sent flying, crumpled, butt dropped or hard knockdown but always look to take it out when possible

-Air dash over an opponent then a.S1. Very safe on block

-Lv2 can be used as a semi-decent tech trap after U1.
-Hold super button during lv2 to postpone firing the shots. The shots can be aimed

lv1 costs 150AP
lv2 costs 400AP
Lv3 Costs 750AP
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3 years ago#13

I'll just drop this off here.
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3 years ago#14
I would just like to note that my 95 AP combo into the level 1 works pretty much anywhere, except places with platforms where her 111 string won't be able to combo into her D3. I've tested it at double jump height, and you can air dash down so you'll still have time to combo after thy mighty FOOT DIVE.
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3 years ago#15
Just to note when adding debris shots to combos, the debris always launch in this order no matter which direction you are facing:

Bottom, top-right, top-left

Keep this in mind because it can effect the timing for HC her level 1. I have yet to determine if the objects have different stun values but visually, the stun is different on hit for each object.
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3 years ago#16
Anyone know an air to air combo that gives 155 AP? I know only of 145 AP. Here's your chance to be credited in the second Kat combo video!
3 years ago#17
fuzzylittlbunny posted...
I would just like to note that my 95 AP combo into the level 1 works pretty much anywhere

yea. I for some reason thought it started with A.D3, which would give it a height limit.
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3 years ago#18
If a.D2 is going to miss go ahead and mash a.S2 for a attempt at a safe escape. It's also decent as an approach if a.S2 is done low enough to the ground to cancel the end animation; zero lag once you land.

Kat's grab isn't as far at it seems and is incredibly unsafe, use it sparingly like Ratchet's. Make me sad cause I like grabbing

also, a safer combo off of a.D2 is
a.D2, U1, a.11, jump, a.D3, a.11, a.2. 155 ap and gets you in the air immediately.
power of friendship one shots everything. - DarkHeroZX
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