Huge Kat Bug

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3 years ago#1
Now i dont know if this is new to kat, or if its been in the entire time...but I used my level 1 (as kat) just as the stage was resulted in 3 of us being teleported to the top offff the map (offscreen) with one other person who was not the people at the top (including me) were able to move, attack etc etc, but we could not finish the match as we could not get back down...So ye, pre warning DO NOT use kats level 1 during the level transition o.O
3 years ago#2
I actually saw this happen to a Sackboy on Stowaways some time ago.

He got thrown up to the top of the plane somehow and looked as though he was desperately trying to jump back down off the right, but he never had any luck lol.
3 years ago#3
Yee was the same stage :D
3 years ago#4
Sorry i shoulda mentioned the stage :_:

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