Examples of how to play a character well, and... Not so well

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Crabhammar posted...
sonicgx101 posted...
A good ratchet mixes it up, uses different weapons and always change their strategy

A bad ratchet spams the pistol and suck cannon

A good ratchet takes advantage of the stage and sets telsa spikes

A bad ratchet doesn't take advantage of the stage

A good Ratchet abuses the sniper u_u

that too a little.......
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A good Parappa will rat hole himself in a corner using AP Box and will use mic grab on unaware or combo stunned enemies and mash square until Lv 2 and will sweep all screen with itīs Skateboard, he will also randomly do a Lv 1 after a mic grab to take people off guard, and will also escape to the other side of the screen o keep spamming AP Box (or approach) with air forward +2 (skateboard dive) at the minimal sigth of danger and will always gen a L v 3 ready to play when there are only 2 seconds left to end the match to make everyone rage.

A bad Parappa will try to do rediculous combos to look dark and edgy and while wasting all the potential of the strategy above.
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A good Kratos uses wall bounce combos
A mediocre one thinks he is pro because he knows an AP burst combo
A bad one only does Squarex3, Forward square, or UpSquarex2
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I tried out some of these tips and they seem to work

Thanks :D
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A good Sly mixes up attacks

My Sly (possibly a bad Sly) mimics the AI (spam teleport like a mofo)

A bad Sly just rolls for the whole match.

A good Kat will stop running away so i can ***** hit her

A good Spike makes it clear that YOU'LL NEVER WIN

A bad Spike loses
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