How do people learn combos so fast?

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Kat is garbage though. T_T
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IcyFlamez96 posted...
Oh yeah, to answer your question. I don't even play fighting games and I find 90% of these combos easy to learn. Kat's combos are so easy, it only took me a couple tries to master some lol.

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bobdaslaya posted...
Street Fighter has 1 frame links, a simple 4 hit combo can be difficult and easily dropped because of it.

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Kat combos are insanely easy to learn, especially if you used a rush-down character before.
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wwinterj25 posted...
Kat is garbage though. T_T

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Well Kat's combos are just very easy to learn because they have a very natural feel to them. Each link in the chain feels like the logical next thing to do and makes it quick to figure out and then it's just about timing.

But in general people learn the combos quick usually because they just come onto sites like this and find the YouTube links where people show them, they practice a few times in game and they're all done. It's not really so strange considering how much easier combos are to pull off in party brawlers compared to the more memorization heavy combos of pure fighters like the old 10-hit Tekken combos or old school Killer Instinct combos etc
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they usually lack lives.

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wwinterj25 posted...
Kat hasn't been out long and already folk are comboing like crazy. How do folk learn so fast? I've yet to see emmett combos but still. I've always been curious.

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I like this thread. A lot of kinky talk in here. :o
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To learn combos for a new character that came out a few days ago so fast is to play the game for hours..or days..that will also mean the person has no life. Or just good in playing games..either way it still my opinion.
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