Emmet's level 3 airstrike seems off

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well that is weird it only attacks the right side of the screen
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ArcRay20 posted...
LightEcoSage posted...
Its balanced that way man WTH! Just because its a level 3 doesn't mean it has to be strong in all fields and strong on all maps. On short maps its obviously hard to avoid, almost impossible. On big maps is its weakness. Thats how the game works.

People like you need to seriously think before commenting... :/

your odd wording makes me unsure if you are directing that insult at me.

either way, i didnt know thats how his level 3 worked at all. i played as him, but not a lot so i never would have noticed. thats interesting. but even with zero kills on a stage like the Dojo he only fires one missile.

What is odd about my wording? There is nothing wrong with my statement besides the ' after it and no im not insulting you...
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ok but why does it only attack the right side? that IS broken
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Retroxgamer0 posted...
ok but why does it only attack the right side? that IS broken

idk but it's dumb
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