radec has the best a.i outta the bunch

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ChiTownzBoy05 posted...
Kat is a pain!

Kat's ai is a bit derpy. I abused it in her combat trials when I had to fight another kat.
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kays7108 posted...
When ever i face radec in any challenge type. He is like the death reaper. Countless kills everyone. Sly on the other hand his a.i. Is beyond anything I've seen. Ours like he know actually what you're gonna do before you even think of it.

Sly is one of the easier AI's IMO. Fighting game AI's are usually predictable but Sly is even more so.
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Kindertotenwald posted...
Better than Sly or Kratos? Nah...

Honestly Sly and Kratos counter right before you attack every time. They even do their specials when they know you are open.

They haxxx man!!!!!
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Level 5 AIs with a counter will abuse it.
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