Does this game have that 1 character you can never get bored with?

#21Dsurions_WrathPosted 2/17/2013 5:17:27 PM
Good Cole and Sir Dan. Just something about them. Kat I'm slowly getting bored of, she's pretty much one different move linking into the same combo over and over
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#22tacomangsxPosted 2/17/2013 5:19:19 PM
Nobody for me. Everyone gets stale after awhile.

Then again I haven't really played with half the roster because I simply don't approve of them being there in the first place. I've given them tries and I figured they'd be how they are. However if it really came down to picking, I'd have to go with Jak.
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#23G-ScythePosted 2/17/2013 5:27:56 PM
No. No game does
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Though there are some character that I come back to more than others
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#24taoxadasaPosted 2/17/2013 5:43:47 PM
None (or all), because I play as everyone and I haven't gotten tired of any of them.
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#25SpacePirateKhanPosted 2/17/2013 5:44:44 PM
mtKing52 posted...
Shorydouken posted...
Radec. People gonna think I'm a huge spammer, then realize "Oh s***! He's good upclose too!"

You're a spammer up close, so many times I'll be grabbed by you.

I prefer to call it "recycling." Why throw out a perfectly good move when you could reuse it?
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#26Android_AwesomePosted 2/17/2013 5:50:45 PM
The game only gets boring when i'm constantly visiting Hades or when it's Drake Time.
#27FreshaSaurusRexPosted 2/17/2013 5:58:48 PM
I always enjoy some Fat Princess.
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#28foxizardPosted 2/17/2013 6:04:21 PM
Dante for me.

IMO, he's easy to use, is rather strong and I think he's rather good looking :)
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#29ShorydoukenPosted 2/17/2013 6:05:12 PM
foxizard posted...
Dante for me.

IMO, he's easy to use, is rather strong and I think he's rather good looking :)

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