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Haze was a 2008 PS3 exclusive, touted as Sony's 'Halo killer' after Killzone failed to live up to the hype. Developed by Free Radical (Timesplitters) and boasted 4-player co-op, vehicles and marines in power armour. It flopped hard as the developers struggled with the PS3's labyrinthian architecture, making Haze instantly infamous as a colossal let-down.

But Haze sucked and you suck for suggesting it! Well Haze did one thing right; the Nectar system. Nectar is a performance-enhancing drug administered through Mantel suits. A Nectar dose improves the speed, reflexes and the abilities of the soldiers that use it. Take too much, and you lose control, unable to tell your squadmates from your enemies. Better yet, you can trigger overdoses on others by using Nectar as a weapon (Nectar Knife and Malfruta grenades). It was all about finding that perfect Nectar balance.

How does this reflect in PSASBR? Simple. AP is Nectar to Shane. Level 1 is a quick shot, Level 2 being a full dose and Level 3 is a full-blown overdose. Similarly, using Nectar as a weapon (similar to Chimera's poison effect in Time Chamber) causing enemies to 'bleed' AP orbs for a few seconds. In the same way players get throw-happy when you have a full meter, Shane would be able to lower his enemies AP to feed his own. Nectar knife attacks apply the effect for a couple of seconds, Malfruta grenades create poison clouds that slowly apply the effect in AoE. This gives Shane a unique 'vampiric' playstyle.

Anyway, Shane.

I used the following outline below;
Square moves - Short-range, swift melee a variety of weapons
Triangle moves - Conventional ranged weapons
Circle moves - Nectar attacks (poison attacks)

Neutral-square - Knife combo (two hits)
Up-square - Upwards slash (launcher)
Side-square - Knife stab (dash forward)
Down-square - Leg-sweep (crumple)
Air-square - As above

Neutral-triangle - Blacksaw Assault Rifle burst-fire
Up-triangle - Rocket launcher (upward-angle, anti-air)
Side-triangle - Donkey Puncher shotgun blast
Down-triangle - Buries grenade as proximity mine
Air-triangle - B42 Sniper (downward-angled)

Neutral-circle - Nectar knife stab (poison effect lasts five seconds)
Up-circle - Malfruta lob (long range poison AoE)
Side-circle - Nectar knife throw (poison effect lasts three seconds)
Down-circle - Malfruta roll (short range poison AoE)
Air-circle - Malfruta toss (med range poison AoE)

Up-Throw - Upwards hurl
Side-throw - Grab'n'toss
Down-throw - Chokeslam

Super 1 - Nectar Shot - A small injection of Nectar . Yellow components of armour glow gold. Shane crouches, then leaps forward, knife in hand, for a savagely-predatory stab kill.

Super 2 - Nectar Dose - Dosed up! Yellow components of armour glow gold. 5-second boost, increases running speed and jump height with all moves as instakills

Super 3 - Overdose - You took too much, man! Yellow components of armour glow red. 10-second boost, increases running speed and jump height with all moves as instakills. All other player characters are replaced by the same random character (e.g. Heihachi) as you lose the ability to differentiate. All other player locations swapped at random for greater confusion.

Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)

Faith Connors (Mirror's Edge)

Isaac Clarke (Dead Space)
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Tbh I would LOVE this as a rep not even shane just a generic Mantle trooper.

They need to stay away from the rebel side tho imo thats too generic
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Bump for Haze
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i remember renting and beating that game in a day.
its sad that it was Free Radical's last game. (so far i hope, i really want TS4)

it was pretty bad, but it surprisingly had one creepy moment when he was going crazy from the overdose himself near the beginning.
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You could tell they had some good ideas (overdosing, hallucinations, nectar as a double-edged sword) but just failed in the execution of it due to unfamiliarity with the hardware. I also like the fact that nectar kept soldiers free of the horrors of war, then when they try and come off it hits them all at once, driving them insane like the soldiers in MGS4.

Guerilla Games could have made Haze right.
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Reviews are a metric of quality. Sales are a metric of popularity.