Kat is a Perfectly Balanced Character

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Lizard you should make a Ratchet guide imo.

I wrote my jump cancel combo guide on ASA and PSASA.

I intend to make an ultimate guide eventually. Rest assured, it won't be here since I know threads are swallowed whole here.

Ok well if you are going to write it then post it here anyway. Or at least tell us when you put it up.
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Hey Ryko! Didn't think I'd find you here.

I'm not Ryko; I was his partner when this happened (with the same name there too. Surprising, I know) and submitted the vid here.
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Do any tournaments run 1 on 1? Even the developers said 2 on 2 was the deeper and more balanced competitive mode. Or are we saying even 2 on 2 she's broken. I'm not sure she's even the best overall character.