I don't think I could ever be impressed by a cole player

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G-Scythe posted...
Snovvbub, please tell me that you aren't going to be "that guy" when InFamous 3 is announced

Despite how skewed the series has become, I have faith in the third.

Maybe, just maybe, it'll be okay.
I only love inFAMOUS 1.
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I would agree with you, most Evil Cole players I come across usually just spam giga punch into level 1, and they keep trying it until they get a hit confirm. Good Coles usually just spam ice grenade or freeze until level 1.

I don't use giga punch at all and still win most of the time. It's more satisfying to hit them with a level 1 after they make a mistake. On small maps I usually aim for level 3. I'm still working getting good with Good Cole but I haven't found many better Evil Cole players than myself that don't spam giga punch.
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Pink_a_Dink posted...
Same could be said with Parappa. I don't think ive seen any Parappa player do anything new. They all do that same exact combo over and over again where they grab you with their mic, hit you into the air, hit you back down. Constantly that same exact combo. Same with Fat Princess players. And Kat players. :/

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DW4fReAk31 posted...
I haven't found many better Evil Cole players than myself that don't spam giga punch.

There's this kid named dabuz...
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Lighting Bolt - Ice Grenade - Ice Launch - Thunder Drop - Grind Away - Jump - Lighting Thether

Repeat until hit confirm.
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Luckily I'm not one of those spammy good cole players then xD
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