I think the game could have been better if it ripped off smash bros more

#1Supah_AxelPosted 2/19/2013 11:55:55 PM
Not to say I dislike the game, it's still fun, but it could have been better. To be honest, I don't mind rip offs that much as long as they're well-done. So if they copied smash bros more, I think this game could have been quite awesome. A lot of the biggest balance problems is who can and can't hit confirm into supers. In smash bros, almost any move can kill someone if the opponent is damaged enough, I like that. (not that smash bros is balanced but I feel it's a lot moreso than this game)

Anyway, like I said. I'm still enjoying the game. Just giving my thoughts.
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New and exciting
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Snovvbub posted...
New and exciting

Aw, I came here just to say that.
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Take it for what it is or just stick to Smash Bros. If they do away with the combo/Super system I'd be mighty pissed off. I'm still trying to wrap my head around having rings outs in this game though....That's would be the only thing I'll maybe adjust.

But that would cause more balance issues with the characters.
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Please no ring outs!!!!!!
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Hi, original topic. What's your name?
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