If you hate fighting against Sly, here's something that might cheer you up :-]

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Go ahead and drop it, I've exhausted all the entertainment I can from a puppet like you.

A self ignorant contradicting statement, nice!

Please, elaborate on what is so 'self ignorant' and 'contradictory' about my statement.

I can wait.

You wanted to end the argument yet you throw an insult right towards the end of it. Igorant goes with the insult.

Btw its suppose to be, I *can't wait.

No, I stated you could drop the argument, which falls on you, and why, which may sound like an insult to you. But then again, everything sounds like an insult to you.

And no. I meant 'I can wait', because unlike you, I have some degree of patience. Please don't put words in my mouth.

Well then your twice as ignorant since you not only insulted me by calling me a puppet, which you ignorantly got confused with *falls on me*, but also not being able to drop something when the other person presented so.

You have no patience at all "puppet" because most of your replies are straight nonsensical, which goes to show you don't put in effort and just make up crap, which shows your lack of patience :)
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Sly 4 ends with the possibility of him being dead. ^__^

Honestly I have to say thats really f'ed up Court. Thats not the kind of spoiler I was expecting. Real messed up man.

Its not the truth anyways. Sly 5 is announced.

Sly 5 doesn't mean Sly is not you no what(yep to lazy to do spoiler tag). Look at the next Infamous game for example.

:) Snovv

oh my f****** god stop talking about the spoiler you fool

You literally just spoiled it by bringing up Infamous.
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