Before he was leaked in the beta, did you even want Dante?

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I'd rather Amaterasu.

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I would have liked a Darkstalkers rep. Preferably anyone who isn't Felicia or Morrigan.

Why, because they show up everywhere like ryu.

Partly that, and partly the fact that there's so many other characters to choose from that are far more interesting.

It would be nice if it was Hsein-ko, B.B. Hood ,Talbain, or Bishamon
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This is pretty telling. Bringing this back up after so long.
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I was under the impression that it WAS classic Dante at first. I don't think that the leak originally mentioned that it was the new guy. At that point I think I was already aware of PXZ having classic, so I thought that Capcom was just making a good decision.
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I wanted Zero instead.
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I wanted Street Fighter's Guile or Albert Wesker
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I preferred either Mega Man, or Felicia.
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I lurve me some Capcom, but I didnt want them anywhere near this game.
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I wanted Zero or Morrigan.
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