Official crashbfan Friday 1v1 topic [FIGHT GOD TIER SACKBOY]

#41Camjo_ZPosted 2/22/2013 6:30:51 PM
-crashbfan23 posted...
I demand a rematch vs your Sir Daniel some other time lol.

Sure thing. By the way, you should ask my friend Juptile to fight you, he thinks you are a fraudulent Sackboy and it would be interesting to see which of you is the true Sackboy master...
#42wwinterj25Posted 2/23/2013 1:08:42 AM
Camjo_Z posted...
k don't feel like uploading pics but here's how it went

Kill Limit 7, crashbfan played Sackboy every time.

Ratchet vs Sackboy: Sackboy wins 7-2

PaRappa vs Sackboy: Sackboy wins 7-6

Sir Dan vs Sackboy: Sir Dan wins 7-3

Crashbfan had me for the first two matches, but really I was just figuring out his playstyle - I discovered that he jumps around and spams air jetpack until it works, and then combos you until eventually he's at Level 3 where he gets 3 easy kills. By the third match I realized this trick and exploited his spamming nature by grabbing him every time he flubbed a jetpack. He didn't bother changing his tactics and ended up losing badly due to giving me tons of AP with every grab. If we were to play another set of 3, I suspect I would win.

On a side note, after terminating the match he sent me a message stating "-_- what a d***". When I sent him a message saying GG's, he told me that the "constant grabbing really p****d (him) off to no end". Maybe if you don't spam air jetpack so much I won't be able to.

Thought as much. A spammer claiming to be good. Thank you for the feedback.
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