New costumes and minions coming (pics inside)!

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  3. New costumes and minions coming (pics inside)!
2 years ago#1
2 years ago#2
No new Ratchet costume? =(

But I see Azimuth and a Zoni for minions!
[Not changing sig until a Ratchet and Clank I can be hyped for is announced.]
"You have to learn how to learn before you can learn." - blaze19_0X
2 years ago#3
Obviously fake.
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2 years ago#4
wtf happened to Barrel Johnson
Who would win, Jedi Charizard or Jedi Jigglypuff?
"I'm a bagel whore" -blazin640
2 years ago#5
That Nathan crotch....
IGN: Tenabrus
2 years ago#6
Nice find, friendo.
Damn I want that Hades Minion now
"There is nothing more dark than one's own soul..." Mr. Selacia, Metalocalypse
PSN: VonStoogiN Feel free to add me. I usually play PS All-Stars
2 years ago#7
Oh dang. Nice, I hope there are more than those on the way. I actually kind of like Kratos's.
GT: Dsurion21
2 years ago#8
Why the eff is Moosalini, like, the most praised parappa character? I never really liked her song.
Not changing this sig 'till I beat Crashb 3 more times, Lucario's Jak once, Crab's G.cole once, and face Dabuz... Also, yes, I am y_not_zoidy
2 years ago#9
Minions, I see

Top row

Next row
Young Nathan Drake

Last row
That girl from Hot Shots Golf

I'm tired, anyone know the others? I recognize most but I'm not sure on names.
2 years ago#10
Almost positive that the left most minion in the middle row is Preacher from Twisted Metal.
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  3. New costumes and minions coming (pics inside)!

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