C/D nobody uses FP because they like the character.

#1crashbfan23-Posted 2/24/2013 8:55:35 AM

Now discuss
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#2DreamsaberPosted 2/24/2013 9:01:19 AM
There are two ways to interpret that:

"Of all the people that play as Fat Princess, none of them are fans of the character; they have some other reason to use her."

"Due to the vast respect that everyone has for Fat Princess, nobody plays as her on principle."
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#3dabuzPosted 2/24/2013 9:12:13 AM
Fat Princess was an OK game, I use her because she's a troll :v
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#4ShorydoukenPosted 2/24/2013 9:14:17 AM
Wasn't FP, like, the top selling PSN game for almost a year?
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#5blaze19_0XPosted 2/24/2013 10:12:15 AM
FP sold really well for a PSN game no doubt.

It got great reviews all around and has a niche fanbase.

But most of that niche fanbase probably doesn't care about fighting games.
#6InninXIPosted 2/24/2013 10:17:34 AM
Before PlayStation all stars I didn't know who FP was. She became my main because she was the ULTIMATE troll. Because I liked her so much, I ended up buying Fat Princess' game and ended up loving
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#7ruby_saucePosted 2/24/2013 10:49:25 AM
any character I ever use in any game is because I like that specific character. I could care less about if a character is good. Unless they are ungodly bad, I will use them anyway.
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