Link (Legend of Zelda) Moveset (yes this is meant for PSASBR)

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After trying a couple of times at this one with trying to not make it a copy of Smash Bros's, I finally had some inspiration.


His gear changes to look like whatever game the costume is from.

Default- OoT Appearance.
Alt 1- Twilight Princess Appearance.
Alt 2- Classic Link Appearance (the concept art of him for the original games)
Alt 3- The Hero's Shade (It was revealed in the Hyrule Hystoria the Hero's Shade in TP was OoT Link, at least as the manifestation of his regrets.)


Neutral- Hero's Combo- Link does a three hit slash, horizontal to vertical, and finishes with a stab or a two handed heavy vertical slash, both send enemies flying. Air version he does his two hit slice combo from smash bros.

Side- Shield Attack- Link hits the enemy with his shield, making them flinch. Can chain from this into one of three attacks depending on the button you press-

Square- Helm Splitter, Link does a jumping slash over the enemy, striking at their head. Flattens them.
Triangle- Back Slice- Link rolls around the enemy and does an uppercutting slice, sending them upwards.
Circle- Jump Strike- Link does a heavy lunging strike, bringing his sword down vertically. Sends enemies flying.
Air version Link shoots the hook shot forwards, if it hits an enemy he pulls himself to them. Works like both Cole's air side square.

Down- Spin Attack- Link does his signature spin attack, sucking enemies in, then flinging them out. Has a decent recovery time. Air version he does his down A attack from Smash bros, causes enemies to slam into the ground though.

Up- Triple Slice- Link slashes upwards in an arc, can swing two more times after in a combo, final slice sends enemies flying up. Air version he stabs upward.


Neutral- Bow- Link fires his bow. Can be charged to gain distance and power. Basically how it works in smash bros.

Side- Boomerang- Link tosses his boomerang forwards. Comes back to him after going about the same distance as Spike's bananarang.

Down- Megaton Hammer- Link swings the Megaton Hammer down, making a small shock wave around him. If either the hammer or the shock wave hits, the enemy butt drops. Slow start up. Air version he drops with the iron boots equipped, and slams the hammer on the ground making a shock wave. Sends enemies flying with the shock wave becoming large with how high he started from.

Up- Hook Shot- Fires the Hook Shot upward at a forward angle. If it hits an enemy, Link pulls them down to him. Good for setting up combos. Air version works like his air side square but from an angle.


Neutral- Mirror Shield- Link raises the Mirror Shield as a projectile counter. If a projectile hits it, it's reflected straight back to the enemy. Melee attacks pass through it.

Side- Pegasus Boots- Link equips the Pegasus Boots and charges forward a medium distance with his shield raised. Stops if it hits an enemy and butt drops them. Air version he instead equips the hover boots and performs the same attack. Has a good bit of recovery time if you missed or are blocked.

Down- Bomb- Link drops a bomb to the ground which will explode after a set time, works like Fat Princess's but it's him dropping the bomb. Air version he drops it straight downwards.

Up- Potion- Link will drink a potion, giving him a random stat boost depending on the type. Red potions will give him an AP boost by 10. Green potions will make him move a bit faster (I know green is actually magic, but meh), and Blue which appears rarely, will give him a stronger AP gain. Cannot use another potion until the status effect of the last one finishes. If it's a red, cannot use one for another five seconds.

Continued below VV
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Throws- (wanted them to be his throws from his Soul Calibur 2 appearance but alas they couldn't work with this game)

Side- Link does the helm splitter attack, then turns and kicks the enemy away.

Down- Link slices at the enemy's legs, then hits them with the Megaton Hammer, flattening them.

Up- Link hits the enemy with an upward slash then shoots them with the bow.


Level 1- Triforce Slash- Link lets a small beam of energy from his Triforce crest fly forward a short distance (about the distance of one side of Raiden's break dance of death.) If this beam hits an enemy, they become locked with in a glowing Triforce crest. Link will then do a lunging slash at the same distance the beam was, killing anyone in the way. The beam can hit more than one enemy. (Wanted to use the 'Mortal Draw' attack from Twilight Princess, but it would have been too fast, plus the part where he has to have had the sword sheathed at the start)

Level 2- Light Arrow OR Din's Fire- Link draws his bow and knocks a Light Arrow in the string. He then fires it in a straight line, killing anyone in it's path. The projectile moves quickly as to make up for the hit box. Alternatively as I'm not sure on Light Arrow- Link uses Din's Fire as he did in OoT, creating an explosion of flame around him. A bit bigger than Evil Cole's Level 2.

Level 3- Fierce Deity Link- Link dons the Fierce Deity's Mask, changing into the ultimate transformation from Majora's Mask. In this form Link gains a speed boost, and wields the large Double Helix sword which can fire magic beams that can kill enemies on contact. His move set changes to suit his new form-

Square- Link's square attacks exclusively use the Double Helix sword, gaining quite a bit more range. Side Square becomes a quick charging strike. Spin attack loses it's large recovery time. Doesn't fire beams.

Triangle- Link fires a beam of energy from the Double Helix sword, can be aimed similarly to Jak's level 3 projectiles. Goes slower than Jak's.

Circle- Creates a small explosion of holy energy around him using the Triforce. About the size of Kat's mini black hole from her Level 3. has a good bit of recovery time so if he misses enemies can still escape.

Level 3 theme- (couldn't pick a song out of all of them, so I went with a remix of The Legendary Hero that I felt fit. If anyone has a suggestion I might edit that though.)


Hey!- Navi floats around him yelling either HEY! LISTEN! or LOOK OUT!

Ocarina of Time- Plays a little bit of a song on the ocarina. (song of time, saria's song, epona's song, and song of healing specifically)

Twilight Princess- Midna appears from his shadow, chuckles, then vanishes back into it.


Hero of Hyrule- Link is simply standing in a heroic pose with the Tirforce crest glowing on his hand.

Hero of Time- The song of time is faintly heard and Link suddenly appears from thin air and puts away the Ocarina.

Hero of Winds- Link appears from a small vortex and leaps out, taking a fighting stance.

Chosen Hero- Wolf Link runs up and howls before changing into his Human form (is the glowing gold wolf the Hero's Shade takes the shape of for alt 3)
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Skyward Blade- Link raises his sword to the sky, taking his pose from the Skyward Sword cover.

End of Battle- A pillar of light encases Link in crystal and he ascends like when leaving a dungeon after beating the boss in OoT

Hidden Skills- Slashes the air twice, then twirls his sword around and sheathes it. (hidden skill learned animation from Twilight Princess)

Heart Container- Link holds up a heart container as he does when he gains on in the games.

Outro losses-

Link looks downward in defeat.s

Link quickly plays the song of time and vanishes (Now ya know where he came from in that second intro!)

Link is collapsed on the ground with a fairy flying around him.

Link is on his knees looking at a shattered heart container.

Victory themes-

Victory theme 1-
Victory theme 2-
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I like this one quite a lot.
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I_Wanna_Cookie posted...
I like this one quite a lot.

Thanks. I can't help but feel I made the Level 3 a tad too op though- and also noticed I forgot to mention that in the level 1 if the beam doesn't hit anyone nothing happens after.
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Some parts of the moveset are similar to Dante lol.
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Jesus_Isra posted...
Some parts of the moveset are similar to Dante lol.

How so?
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i like it (b'-')b

and go with Light Arrow, much more iconic to Link
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You forgot aerials.