How do you PSASBR players feel about Nintendo?

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  3. How do you PSASBR players feel about Nintendo?
2 years ago#1
I personally love Nintendo and its characters and ****.
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2 years ago#2
I've never really been a fan of Nintendo's characters, but then again I never had a Nintendo console. Just Gameboy Pocket through Gameboy Advance, then DS.
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2 years ago#3
I like pokemon
Think Zelda is boring
Mario is somewhat fun when I play them but I wouldn't really buy them
Sonic is tight
Metroid is pretty cool

Overall I don't really care for Nintendo games too much.
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2 years ago#4
I've always liked nintendo. Zelda is one of my favourite IP's ever. I always buy their consoles when they have a few price drops. PS is my first love tho.
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2 years ago#5
zelda pokemon and dk country are pretty awesome, but mario and kirby are a bit babyish for me
2 years ago#6
I've always liked Nintendo. I can't count the number of times I played through Starfox 64
(edited by legendofskyland)
2 years ago#7
I like em mostly, I love Legend of Zelda (if anyone hasn't already guessed that) and Smash Bros., I appreciate the Metroid series, and I like the old Kirby games, along with gaining an appreciation for Fire Emblem. But I gotta say screw Mario, they've gone from having a bunch of spin offs and some actual platforms, to milking the reboot teet like nobodies business.
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(edited by Dsurions_Wrath)
2 years ago#8
I enjoy Pokemon, Kirby, Pikmin, certain LoZ's, Animal Crossing, Earthbound, Fire Emblem, and Rhythm Heaven, but not much else as much. :/

Outside of Mario & Luigi RPGs and Galaxy games, Mario doesn't appeal to me as much. Not a big Metroid fan at all...
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2 years ago#9
Currently playing fire emblem, waiting for MH3U, and is psyched about mario and luigi: dream team.

In order from favorite gaming corps...

Nintendo>sony> microsoft.
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(edited by dadkwashere)
2 years ago#10
dadkwashere posted...

In order from favorite gaming corps...

Nintendo>sony> microsoft.

I agree on this.

Well i came from Nintendo so...i don't really have anything to say about how i feel about Nintendo
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  3. How do you PSASBR players feel about Nintendo?

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