ITT: Sora is confirmed for PSASBR

#11tacomangsxPosted 2/27/2013 1:01:57 AM
I'd like to have Sora in any form.

And this for an extra costume!
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#12Pics_nao_plzPosted 2/27/2013 5:55:16 AM
They should give us TAV or Riku. **** Sora
#13CrabhammarPosted 2/27/2013 5:59:29 AM
Drive Forms
Final Form
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From: Truhazzard3260 | #009
honestly if DDD sora was in here it be another Kat with his jumping off of walls and stuff

Well i meant JUST the model. Attacks/etc would reflect KH1/2 Sora.
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#15christiankid7Posted 2/27/2013 6:18:34 PM
T_l_M_B_0 posted...
KH2 Sora.
But I'd be elated to have any form of Sora.

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#16dadkwasherePosted 2/27/2013 6:18:40 PM
Younger sora...
*licks lips*
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#17boy_luckPosted 2/27/2013 6:27:23 PM
God, no. Sora is a terrible character. It'll never happen and that makes me happy.
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