They should call this Advertisement All Stars.

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New GOW and Dead Space game so we get Zeus and Issac, ONLY REASON.
And I bet these are the last two characters we will ever get.
NO RPG reps. This game is finished.

Not to add the fact that these guys have been in playstation history for yeeeaars.....noooo sir.

Yes I'm sure Isaac was the best choice for this game.
I mean when you think of his game you instantly think of the Playstation brand? right? yep.

Selfish people today. How great is the world.

Are you saying there's a soul alive that could possibly think of Issac when they think of Playstation icons?

Lmao, get out.

We've known for a VERY long time that this would have 3rd party characters that weren't all exclusively playstation.

They had announced BIG DADDY way back in June.

Now sit down and don't open your mouth again.
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Bioshock Infinite has exclusive Move features, and PS3 BS1 had exclusive features as well, and the alleged Bioshock Vita that might or might not get made.

Dead Space 3 on the other hand has 360 exclusive features.

So in that regard I can see why Big Daddy is in.
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