Y/N: Stages are stronger counterpicks to characters than characters themselves.

#1MosgusPosted 2/27/2013 11:50:39 PM
I dunno but I swear Dreamscape is the bane of a lot of level 3s.
#2SelitePosted 2/27/2013 11:52:01 PM
and Invasion.
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#3blaze19_0XPosted 2/27/2013 11:52:10 PM
It depends on the character in question but this can definitely be the case.

For example Nariko is terribly nerfed on a stage like Invasion where she'd be lucky to get 2 stocks off with a level 3 in 1vs1 let alone 3.
#4Mosgus(Topic Creator)Posted 2/27/2013 11:53:47 PM
See that's an exact example that goes with what I'm saying.

Nariko is one of my less played characters but I think anyone who's gotten her level 3 on that stage can attest to the misery of riding that merry-go-round.
#5T_l_M_B_0Posted 2/27/2013 11:56:07 PM
As an Evil Cole co-main, I can confirm that his level 3 is utterly useless on large levels.
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#6ApolloJusticeAAPosted 2/27/2013 11:56:10 PM
Spike seems to fair less well on franzea than most stages in my opinion the constant shifting makes his level two a 50/50 toss up if the stage decides to randomly move on the plus side his level three is perfect for any occasion.
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#7holysquidPosted 2/27/2013 11:58:34 PM
This is absolutely true.
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