Which character do you hate most and wish they would be removed from the game?

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inb4 fat princess getting most vote by angry pre teen, moody teenagers, and disgruntled adult males
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I don't hate him, but I'd probably remove Dante. I don't think any character damaged the game's image more than him.

Actually, it might be a toss-up between him and Fat Princess.

I agree with this. I like Dante, but he brought a lot of hate over.

FP got some hate too and shes probably the closest thing i could get to hating someone on the roster (hated her voice actor in Drawn Together and hate her here)

Although Raiden over Snake was pretty polarizing for some people too, he's still extremely popular online so it probably didn't matter in the end.

I don't personally hate anyone on the roster so for me it comes down to who everyone else hates.

I don't mind this games roster to be honest but either FP or Emmett for not being super popular.
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Someone said Parappa? For shame...
Anyway, Dante. Capcom had Legends, older DMC's, and Strider if you wanna get really old school...
But they those DmC.
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Sweet Tooth. He's a horrible monster but unlike fellow complete monster Kratos, who can bring down th Gods, he's just a clown who apparently preys on kids.
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Jak, because he sucks so bad.
#36ApolloJusticeAAPosted 3/3/2013 2:18:54 AM
Dante because his game already polarized his fanbase or emmet for just not bringing enough new to the game.

But honestly, i don't hate anyone on the roster i may find a few questionable but that's it.
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Parrapa the Nickelodeon reject.

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