A new level 1 for Radec (Killzone 2 spoilers)

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blaze19_0X posted...
This gave me another idea.

How about a super where you explode and anyone around you also dies?

It'd be useful if you are up by stocks/kill limit and are looking to finish them off. And useful in timed modes as well since deaths are -1 and kills are +2.

Would be a pretty interesting and hilarious super.

It's a shame so many supers in this game are far too similar to each other. Almost all level 1s are small horizontal hitboxes that directly hit in front of you.

Well... considering the 3 characters that have Level 1's that don't are considered the worst...
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p1793a posted...
fuzzylittlbunny posted...
I think it should count as a death since otherwise it would be pretty cheap. You could avoid level 3s with no penalty aside from using AP. So at least since you're dying but your opponent isn't killing you, there's only the -1 point.

Can't use supers during level 3.
Other than that, it's a great idea. Also, make it have a cutscene just to mess with people.

Oh yeah, forgot about that. But Radec's so manly that he can use that super during level 3s. Even cinematics lol
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There have been quite a few times where I thought I was at level 2 but it turned out I was at level 1.

In this situation, that would cause so much rage.
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