lets all agree the new dante is better than the old cheesy donte

#31wwinterj25Posted 3/5/2013 11:37:01 AM
habbox77 posted...
if Vergil in the new DmC died from one tiny stab then what's to stop Dante from being just as hurt from it

Here is the thing Vergil in DmC didn't almost die from a tiny stab. Donte went Devil Trigger and stabbed Vergil, kept the sword in him and was never letting go until Kat begged him to. I agree Dante is better than this mediocre character they decided to call Donte but people really should get there facts right before they bash something and yes I own the game unfortunately. Vergils downfall DLC should be out tomorrow and hopefully that will give me a ending to DmC. -_-
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GamepocketX posted...
dude 0_0 do u know how many people you just called ugly... cause some guys here dont even look decent compared to dante.... fd up man

Well, yeah, there's always some people who are uglier than you. But the vast majority of guys look better than New Dante, so calling him ugly isn't insulting that many people indirectly. Maybe if he had a better haircut, his standings would rise a bit.
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