3000 pages of topics on this board.

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Estheimaster posted...
Proves this game didn't bomb.

Wrong. Majority topics are trollish, copied, but altered and are off topic.
Not going anywhere. It's just to fun to watch. Bring em on. Bring the best you got. It's not over by a long shot. Accept it and deal with it.
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LightEcoSage posted...
I was going to make this a topic first, but I just didn't fee like it. Plus I knew I was going to get hate comments like WTF/H cares, etc.

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601 pages*
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I only use 10 per page. :I
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Quote:co1onel posted...
Lol @ using 10 topics per page

How many do you use?


50 is the way to go.

Nahhh, 20. A nice amount that's not too many, and not too few.
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