Which character rushes down the most and doesnt let his

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Parappa is good at this.
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prey escape? and doesnt allow any breathing room what so ever

Raiden definitely all because of the speed.


then who if its not raiden good sir?

Raiden chase to keep his prey locked down is easily read and punished. I would say Kratos, E.Cole, Kat, Raiden (on noobs/casual players), and definitely Fat Princess. I can't think of anymore off the top of my head but yeah you get the idea.
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Fat PRincess, Evil Cole, Raiden, Kratos, Kat are all characters made for this kind of style. Most characters in this game CAN be played rushdown successfully but in less obvious ways.
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A good Kratos player gets it for me. Shame you don't see many of them.
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