Would you rather have Zeus or Dr. Nefarious.

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I want Dr. Zeuss lol...
but seriously I'd rather have Zeus only because I think will like his playstyle and I've never played R&C
That being said Doc Nefarious SHOULD be in over Zeus because practically no one asked for him.
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The latter for me. Zeus isn't even a Playstation character, he's a greek mythology figure and that's what most people think of when they think of Zeus.

What is more, he barely gets any screen time in God of War, he's not a very well developed character at all.

And what would Nefarious' moveset be?

Are you f****** kidding me?

If you wanted people to see your moveset then you shouldn't have posted it in an LES topic

I'm barley referring to my moveset. Anyone who asks that question either has never played UYA or CiT and have no idea what they're taking about.

And wtf are you taking about? They brought that s*** to my topic.

I have a feeling your post was a joke though lol.

Yeah it was :P
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Mah bad.
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Wozman23 posted...
I only want Nefarious if they implement a unique ability to short circuit and broadcast soap operas.

That should be a taunt and what happens when you lose.
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I only want Nefarious if they implement a unique ability to short circuit and broadcast soap operas.

That should be a taunt and what happens when you lose.

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From: LightEcoSage | #010
Why is Dr Nefarious chosen as the other? Dr Nef doesn't compare to Zeus or is in the same situation. Ill easily go with a Resistance rep.

Because recurring villains in major franchises. Zeus and Nefarious are the main antagonists in at least two games in their respective series.

That is not the point and does not give him priority over other characters. Characters like Nathan Hale who occurred in Resistance 1 & 2 are much much more important then another character rep from the same existing franchise. Ratchet is already in this game so theres no need wasting another slot on another rep from his games.

And I would have prefer an answer from the TC since he is the one who made this topic because you really can't answer my question unless he told you why he picked Dr Nef.

We're just comparing similar choices here. If we were talking about any character whatsoever getting in, we'd be sitting here with Crash, Spyro, Cloud, Snake, Lara, etc.

Besides, the Zeus/Nefarious comparison has been made before, since they're, like I said, both recurring villains from 1st party series repped already in PSAS. TC is simply asking which, of the two, would you prefer.
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G-Scythe posted...
Dr. Nefarious

But I'm seriously getting tired of the anti-GOW circlejerk on this board
GoW is just as important to PS as R&C, its just personal preference

Agree with everything said here
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Dr. Zeus